But I love U
BIGBANG on Hot Issue
Nicole Dollanganger on Unreleased


maybe later i will think of a cool title

there is dust inside you settling like snow
i try to catch it with my tongue
when you run your lips along my throat
there are hand prints on your throat
parts of you are shutting down like
street lights burning out
but i have always felt safest with you in the dark
i know you are nothing like him
so delicate, hands show such control
we both know you could hurt me
but you don’t
i know you would rather die
than grow into his clothes

Sailor Moon Theme
The Holophonics on MaSKArades Vol. 3

Sailor Moon Theme by The Holophonics

Let It Go
Idina Menzel on Frozen


Let It Go (full soundtrack version) - Idina Menzel - Frozen

Smiling Swine (Remix)
The Dear Hunter on Random EP #2


The Dear Hunter “Smiling Swine (Remix)”

But all the while 
She was still fresh in my mind 
And though this might be premature 
But ambition strikes just when the mood is right
The mood is right

Hip 2-2
Alias Conrad Coldwood


Even though It’s not officially in the game, this has got to be my most favorite track out of the OST, yes, even more than Pepper Steak.

This had so much potential to be a boss theme it hurts.

승리솔로 (Strong Baby)
Big Bang on Remember


승리솔로 (Strong Baby) | Big Bang


5, 18, 25


i didn’t have time to answer this when i got it bcause lol bedtime neway

5: song that needs to be played LOUD

riyu kosaka - honey punch (from dance dance revolution one of the best games ever)
the wombats - let’s dance to joy division (dooooooomed youth always needs to be played loudly)

18: a song from the year that you were born

smashing pumpkins - bullet with butterfly wings (you don’t understand this was one of my childhood songs although i don’t know if it was released in 1996.. my dad used to play this in the car and my brother liked it who also likes system of a down woop)
weezer - el scorcho (no words needed)

25: a song by an artist no longer living

michael jackson - billie jean (the one mj song i know the most lyrics of)
michael jackson - pretty young thing (oops another mj but i defaulted my mom’s first cellphone to this which is also the first cellphone i was exposed to)
johnny cash and june carter - jackson (i love this song because it’s on a mixtape sean paul is also on ty brother)

Nordics Lullabies


I was about to deliver a post about Nordic swear words, but changed my mind at the last minute, and worked on sweet lullabies instead :D Aren’t you glad? (it’s grey where I live, so that’s more a weather to sleep and dream than fight with fellow nations ;) )



Denmark will sing you nice stories

  • Solen er så rød, mor (“The sun is so red mother”) was written in 1920 by writer Harald Bergstedt with music by Carl Nielsen ; in this lullaby, a child asks questions about the falling night to their mother… but maybe it’s the Sandman, in another danish song, Den lille Olle, who will answer and tell them fairytales.
  • Elefantens vuggevise (“The Elephant’s Lullaby”) : in this 1948 lullaby by Harald Lund, an elephant mother sings for her baby and describes all the animals of savana until her baby sleeps (*pictures Den imitating the animals while he sings and making children laugh instead of sleep*).


Finland will sing sweet old poems

  • Lennä lennä leppäkerttu (“Fly, fly, ladybird”) talks about a ladybird flying and was taken from the Kalevala, published during the XIXth century, based on very old oral tradition (see previous post on Nordic Roots). Lots of finnish lullabies come from the ancient times, for example the beautiful Nuku, nuku, nurmilintu (“sleep, sleep, bird of grass”), who was first written in the XVIIIth century by an Italian astronomer who had heard it sang by his finnish peasant hostess to her children.
  • Sininen uni (“Blue dream”), another popular lullaby, tells the children about a blue little man, the sandman, who comes at night to take them with its car to the blue land of dreams.


Iceland hasn’t quite grasped the concept of lullaby

  • Móðir mín í kví, kví (“My mother in the sheepfold, sheepfold”) is one of the most famous icelandic lullabies, and was remixed by Bjork. It is sang by a dead child to his mother, after she threw him from a cliff. And makes her lose her mind. …..Yeah. Right. O_o
  • sleep as a metaphor of death or dangers/frightenning things seem to be a recuring theme of Icelandic lullabies? (O_o ……Allright, guys, who has messed up with Ice’s head again? T_T)


Norway has strong mother instincts

  • Kråkevisa (“The man and the crow”) is slightly creepy : a man kills a crow and the lullaby procedes to describing how he will use all the body parts of the dead crow (great way to teach Ice life and give him nightmares, Norge T_T). Appart from this one, Norway also has sweet songs, like Fola fola Dobbin (“Good night song for Dobbin”), a lullaby about horses, or the beautiful Gjendines Bånsull you can hear on this page, in which a baby is sung to sleep by his family and which was written by Edvard Grieg after he heard a norwegian peasant girl sing this folk song, at the end of the XIXth century.
  • Norwegian versions of Swedish lullabies are quite popular too, for example Byssan Lull or Trollsmor.


Sweden likes to sing lullabies… IKEA style

  • Byssan Lull (lullaby) became known in 1921, when songwriter Evert Taube adapted it from a song his mother used to sing to him ; while the kettle is boiling, the song tells of various sets of three things, wanderers, stars or treasures.
  • IKEA has asked 6 artists to create modern versions of 6 classic Swedish lullabies, from Byssan Lull to Trollmors (“the mother troll lullaby”), where a mother troll sings to her eleven troll babies the most beautiful words she knows.

Notes : …..it was, in fact, not that easy to find info on lullabies from around the world. SO these are not necessarily the most popular lullabies of each country but I tried to find some of the most representative or best known anyway!

Sources :

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